Our Commitments


Because we put students first in all that we do, safeguarding and child protection are of paramount importance in Dulwich College International schools. As a world-class organisation with a strong moral purpose, we make certain that every step is taken to ensure the safety and wellbeing of each child in our care.

We believe that children should be respected and their views should be heard. It is our responsibility to ensure that each child forms stable relationships with adults, built on trust and consistent support for children’s individual needs. This approach guides the behaviour of all professionals in our schools. Our child-centred approach to safeguarding is based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Dulwich College International has developed an extensive Safeguarding Framework and training programme, which is regularly reviewed and updated. All new staff members at our schools are subject to our safer recruitment procedures, in which all staff involved in recruiting are trained, and on arriving at our schools they all take part in safeguarding training, which is periodically refreshed throughout their tenure in our organisation. Our students have age-appropriate lessons in safeguarding and our schools undergo annual safeguarding audits. Safeguarding is also a critical component of ISI accreditation.


We believe it is our ethical responsibility to support sustainability in the effort to protect the environment for the sake of future generations. While many people care deeply about sustainability issues, they may be overwhelmed by the complexity and magnitude of the challenge and don't know where to begin. Even small efforts can make a difference when many people take action, and we are committed to creating opportunities for our students to make a difference. We want a commitment to sustainability to become embedded in our students' collective consciousness.  

In addition to continuing to develop programmes such as eco-camps for our young students and the Dulwich Climate Conference for our Senior School students, we are devoting significant resources to creating and improving our outdoor learning environments. Research shows that with so many technological distractions available, children are losing touch with nature. Outdoor learning can reconnect children with the natural world, giving them a deep appreciation for it and an abiding commitment to its preservation.