Tech Fayre at Dulwich

On Tuesday 4th December, the Dulwich International High School Suzhou Technology team celebrated a week of computer science and technology, culminating in a Tech-Fayre. This was informal event designed to celebrate the action research progress (Accelerate and EdTech PLC) and Microsoft in Education certification of our teaching and support staff, as well as showcasing some of the pioneering and engaging work associated with technology from our students. There were different activities planned for our students, teachers and parents.

The theme of the students strand was ‘Anybody can code’. Students shared and demonstrated their computational and problem-solving skills by showcasing various STEAM projects, games and puzzles at multiple stations. They encouraged participants to try out and engage with coding activities. The wide mixture of activities included – Human Piano, 3D games developed by our students, Puzzles, Magic Show with CS principles, 3D printed prosthetic hand, and many more. The virtual assistant Alexa and dance party station added a lot of fun to the tech fayre! Our students did a great job of encouraging the audience to explore and enjoy the field of computer science and technology.

While the tech fayre was taking place downstairs, upstairs in the library, the teachers were showcasing their action research and MIEE Projects (Microsoft Innovative Educators Experts). There were 15 projects on display where teachers shared the innovative use of technology in the classroom and demonstrated how technology benefits teaching and learning practices at Dulwich International High School Suzhou.

Parents were invited to attend a Digital Citizenship presentation where our students shared solutions to various concerns regarding the use of technology. Students discussed with parents that how they could keep themselves and their families safe online. Students shared app settings to monitor screen time and a few measures to deal with concerns like screen time, privacy and cyberbullying.  


We are now a commonsense certified school. This badge was awarded to Dulwich International High School Suzhou’s for its commitment towards keeping its students safe online. Commonsense is a nonprofit US based organization dedicated to helping kids and families thrive in a world of media and technology. More information about Commonsense please visit


Thanks to computing teacher Ms. Manisha Monga for writing this article.