Vicky Bu to Study Dentistry at the University of Leeds

Vicky Bu to Study Dentistry at the University of Leeds

Dentistry is a rewarding profession, but going abroad to study dentistry is a difficult path. The UK's undergraduate programs (Medical Medicine, Dentistry, and Veterinary) are among the most challenging to apply for in the UK. Once an undergraduate obtains a UK medical license the doors open to a more stable income curve, a higher social status and a better quality of life. As a result of the huge influx of applicants, the British government has been locking in the number of dentists in the country, restricting the allocation of international students, which makes the offer Vicky Bu received from the University of Leeds all the more remarkable.

A Dream of Dentistry

“When I was little, a film called Patch Adams stirred my curiosity about studying abroad. Although I was still in primary school at the time, I had no clear career plan other than my passion for natural science, an enthusiasm for medicine in the field of exploration. So a desire to go to medical school began to grow in my heart." Vicky continues, "I was chatting with the receptionist while waiting in the dentist's office, and discovered that many people in China misunderstand oral health care. This area needs more enthusiastic professionals invested in it. Dentistry requires dexterous hand and intelligence and demands excellent communication skills. The craftsmanship it requires brings a deep sense of satisfaction”. 

Dental Professional Admissions Standards are Extremely Demanding

Vicky received interviews with three British medical schools because of her excellent results in nine IGCSEs and her predicted grades in five A-levels. They were Bristol Dental School, Cardiff Dental School, and Leeds Dental School (Leeds University Dental School). In addition to the University of Leeds’ requirements for the BMAT (Biomedical Admission Test), all other dentist colleges require the UKCAT (Biomedical Admission Test) score. The two exams are a great test for the candidate's intelligence, physiology and psychology. Vicky passed both of these exams.

Difficult Interview

The Interview is invariably the most difficult thing for Chinese students and Vicky’s interview was no exception. It was a rigorous three-hour experience with 10 professors and was designed to test her ability to investigate and included hands-on operations (such as installing a rubber dam) and case diagnosis. It also covered moral dilemma selection, scientific research achievements in the dentistry field, the NHS system and role-playing. After receiving an interview at the University of Leeds, she received an admission notice within 24 hours and finally started on the road to her dentist's dream.