Stefan Admitted to Dulwich College

Stefan Zhang is now a year 12 student at Suzhou Dulwich International High School. He is one of the first of a group of our students admitted into Dulwich College. He applied for Dulwich College in order to adapt to British life before starting university, to enjoy the convenience of being in London, and to experience European Culture.

The famous Dulwich College, founded in 1619 is a world-renowned center of academic excellence. In the past 400 years, Dulwich has been committed to providing excellent education and is widely seen as a training ground for future leaders. With an education system founded on profound humanistic care, superb academic research, strong sports strength and an emphasis on music and the performing arts, each year, 10-15 percent of graduates are enrolled in Oxford,Cambridge, and Ivy League colleges in the United States.

As an extrovert, Stefan has been able to shine at Dulwich International High School Suzhou where his ability to express his own opinions in an articulate manner was prized in class and valued by his teachers. Stefan enjoys communicating with teachers as equals and believes that communication is the key to his academic success.

Before deciding to apply for the founding school in London, Stefan discussed his thoughts in detail with Mr. Nunns (our Deputy Director) who was able to provide him with some insights into the advanced facilities and student support systems and its emphasis on multiculturalism. He specifically mentioned how the accommodation deliberately separates students from the same country, allowing students from different backgrounds to live together and promote cultural exchange.

Stefan received an unconditional offer from Dulwich College after a single written test, which was testament to his excellent academic performance. He has had a rich campus life at Dulwich International High School Suzhou. He has participated in mathematics and physics competitions and also served as a campus ambassador, a host of charity concerts and worked in the Student Union. He will no doubt participate in more extracurricular activities and further enrich his campus life in London!

Dulwich College has also admitted another of our students: Jasper Chou. We congratulate them both!