Jim Dooley photo

Jim Dooley

University and College Counsellor (part-time)

Jim is an Australian expat who enjoys living in Suzhou for the past two years. His professional background has been a rich blend of commercial experience with his own film business and 20 years in the education field. Jim has a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree and a Bachelor of Educational Studies degree, a Diploma of E-Commerce and a Diploma of Career Planning. Jim is also an experienced University Lecturer and High School teacher of senior Business and senior Mathematics. Jim admires Year 2 school teachers for their patience and ability to teach young children, hence, why he chose older students. He has two fabulous adult children, Imogen and Darcy, who despite his efforts, have grown up to be happy and balanced world citizens. Jim works hard and does not take too many things seriously, particularly, writing about himself.