Adele Guinee photo

Adele Guinee

Early Years Teacher

Dulwich College Beijing

What attracted you to Dulwich College Beijing? Do you expect to be here for a while? Are you interested in moving within the group to further your career?

I was first attracted to Dulwich College Beijing because of its reputation as an outstanding and inspiring international school. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far and have not hesitated to renew my contract for a third year. I had not previously considered moving into leadership or educational research at this stage in my career. However, the support and encouragement I received from both the Early Years Leadership Team and my colleagues gave me the confidence to apply for the role of Early Years English subject leader and I got it.

How do you find the atmosphere among the teachers in the school? How involved are you with colleagues in other DCI schools?

Dulwich College Beijing has a fantastic atmosphere among both the students and the staff. There is a buzz of activity reaching every nook and cranny of the campus.

How do you find student engagement in the school?

The students are everything you could ask for: passionate, open-minded and happy.

How much interaction do you have with parents?

I have built wonderful relations with all the parents of children in my class, both English and Mandarin speakers.

How do you find living in Beijing?

Beijing is an amazing city that stimulates every sense! The clash of ancient history and modern society is wonderful to be a part of.