Miranda and Kieron Norris photo

Miranda and Kieron Norris

Deputy Head Juniors and Director of IT

The welcome we received when starting our China adventure in 2011 was everything we needed it to be. We were, as many families are, excited at the prospect of living overseas again but still carried a nugget of doubt. Will our children settle? Will our family understand? Overall, have we done the right thing? The staff at Dulwich College Suzhou supported our move practically and emotionally and we very quickly settled in to life in China.

After three exciting and busy years, we were sad to say our farewells to China but excited to join the Singapore team. As with all international moves, friendships and working relationships are formed quickly and strongly and the tug of those farewells will always be there.

Dulwich College in Singapore has staff members from nearly every single Dulwich College working together. We firmly believe that the Dulwich “feel” is tangible here because of the experiences shared from the careful mix of those from the Dulwich family, other international schools and schools in the UK. Our children, Joseph and Evie, stepped into Singapore life with ease and the familiar setting and faces here at Dulwich College in Singapore helped them continue to shine.

Since arriving in Singapore, I have already visited Seoul, Shanghai and Suzhou for various projects. Kieron has Skyped most colleges numerous times, further sharing and strengthening experiences across the group. These are just a couple of examples that we have experienced of staff teamwork that the Dulwich family inspires.

Each school has started to feel like home and the faces are growing increasingly familiar with every visit.