AS / A-Level Further Maths

AS / A Level Further Mathematics
Edexcel XFM01/YFM01

Entry Guidance
AS and A Level Further Maths are very demanding courses, AS focusses on breadth whilst the full A Level moves deeply into difficult mathematical concepts.

To be successful in AS Level Further Mathematics, students need to have achieved an A* in 0580 IGCSE Mathematics. Students who wish to take A Level Further Mathematics must have also achieved an A* in 0606 Additional Maths or equivalent.

What the course leads to
A Level further mathematics gives access to a diverse range of university courses, including mathematics, the Sciences, Engineering, Computing, Economics and Finance at the most elite universities around the world. Most universities and courses state that whilst it is not compulsory to study, it is highly desirable. A very small number of universities for mathematics and related courses, computer science and economics will require students to take Further Maths to A-level.

Course Aims

The courses aim to:

  • Deepen further mathematical understanding of key principles
  • Develop application skills in specialised areas such as statistics and mechanics • Enable students to model complex situations mathematically and analyse problems
  • Build a deep mathematical foundation for study of STEM subjects at elite universities.

Course Content
The AS Level consists of three models: Further pure 1, Mechanics 1 and Decision 1.

The A-level consists of three additional modules: two compulsory pure maths modules and in the senior year an additional applied module, different from that in the A-Level Mathematics.

Course Assessment
Each module is assessed by a 90 minute, 75 mark exam, each module making up 1/6 of the A-Level (1/3 of the AS Level).

Opportunities for Enrichment
Students are encouraged to take part in individual and team maths competitions from around the world, including the UK Senior Maths Challenge, British Maths Olympiad and the Euclid competition offered by the University of Waterloo. Some may wish to or need to sit one or more of:

  • Maths Aptitude Test (MAT)
  • Test of Maths for University Application (TMUA)
  • Cambridge Test of Maths for University Application (CTMUA)
  • STEP Examination Papers

These are sometimes desired or required from universities and the department will help support students who need to take these additional entrance assessments.