Guiding Statements

Our Philosophy is embedded and communicated via our Values, Promises and Aims for students, staff and parents.

Our School Values

In addition to Dulwich College International's vision and purpose, the Dulwich International High School Suzhou values that distinguish our community, drive everything we do and that we seek to instill in our students are:


Show respect and consideration for others in everything we do.


Responsibility is demonstrated personally by a conscientious approach to work, a caring attitude toward others and by taking responsibility for our own actions.


Acting with integrity, honesty and fairness in all that we do and living by our values.


Developing our international mindedness as culturally sensitive and environmentally responsible global citizens with a pride in our own heritage and a readiness to meet the challenges that lie ahead.


Learning to have self-assurance and confidence in ourselves, while having the humility to learn from others.


Creativity fostered in all subjects, not only in drama, art and music - students and staff think critically, are technologically literate and seek imaginative and innovative solutions to problems.


Developing skills of independence and teamwork to develop our insights, ideas and solutions.


Setting ourselves the highest expectations and striving to achieve excellence in everything we do.

Our Eight Objectives:

1. Our students achieve outstanding results at both IGCSE and Advanced Level (A-Level) Cambridge University Examinations (CIE). IGCSE and A-Levels are internationally recognised for their high academic standard and are welcomed by colleges and universities in both the USA and the UK, as well as by most countries around the world.

2. Our teachers are well qualified and very experienced teachers of IGCSE who expertly guide and support our students’ learning. We have many foreign teachers who have considerable experience teaching Chinese students and some of them are bilingual.

3. Our curriculum is broad and balanced and allows students to take a wider range of subjects so they have more options in their A-Level choices. The Cambridge International Examination (CIE) Boards has over 25 years of experience in setting and administering IGCSE and A Level courses.

4. Our students become fluent and confident users of English. Research shows conclusively that the level of a student’s English competence correlates strongly with their level of examination success so we place a great deal of emphasis on developing our students’ fluency and competence at using English. We provide excellent preparation, as an integral part of all our English courses, for SAT, TOEFL and IELTS tests.

5. Our students become successful and confident communicators and skillful presenters. We provide many opportunities for our students to develop their speaking skills and to speak in public.

6. Our co-curricular programme offers our students a rich and varied range of activities to develop their interests and skills outside the classroom. The best universities require students to be well rounded and to have much more to offer than just academic success.

7. Our students have many opportunities to meet and make links with a wide range of international students because we are part of a larger group of schools. Our students can participate in a variety of events and activities with students from other Dulwich schools, including Dulwich College, our founding school in London.

8. Our students not only get accepted by the best international universities around the world, they also have the academic preparedness, the life skills and the confidence to succeed very well when they get there. We have exceptional college and university counselling services to support.