Counselling & Matriculations

All students at Dulwich International High School Suzhou expect to attend universities outside of China and we take great care in preparing our students for their university applications. The university application process abroad is considerably more complex than the equivalent process in China; all our students attend classes and workshops that prepare them thoroughly to make informed best choices about the next stage of their educational journey. 

Dulwich International High Suzhou is the safe bridge for our students to the university of their choice and we have a team of expert university counsellors to provide students and their parents with specific careers advice, practical help and support. From the time each student joins us, our counsellors work with him or her on a regular basis to map out an individual guidance plan to achieve a university place that fits their aims and suits their abilities. Our counsellors spend time with each student and their parents in individual sessions during the application process. Parents are also provided with support and information that helps them to become actively involved in the process. We hold various information sessions throughout the year and counsellors are available to talk to parents face-to-face on an appointment basis or by phone. By the end of Year 12, students will not only have selected their best-fit universities, but they will have also gained skills in research, analytical thinking and public speaking. 

Furthermore, we bring universities to our students. Our counsellors have strong links with a wide range of excellent universities around the world and host visits to our school from the admission officers of over 100 of those universities throughout the year. Students are able to spend time with these admission officers to discuss the courses they offer, as well as to find out general information about the college or university they represent. 
The proof of the excellent systematic support our students receive is the success our graduating students gain in admission to top universities. 
Our students go on to attend top research universities, liberal arts colleges, speciality universities and art schools around the world, including Oxford, Cambridge and other universities in the Russell Group in the U.K.; the Ivy League universities in the U.S., and McGill in Canada.

Our graduating class of 2020 comprises of 185 students. By 20th February 2020, they have received a total of 557 offers. The 557 offers include 176 offers from the USA, 314 offers from the UK, 57 from Canada, 8 from Australia, 1 from Japan and 1 from Switzerland. As of 20th February 2020, the graduating students have received an accumulated scholarship of 1,112,375 USD, based on their academic merits and SAT scores. More offers will be announced by April.



U.S. Offers:

Among the 176 offers from American Universities, 25 are Early Decision acceptances:

  • 7 New York University
  • 3 University of Rochester
  • 3 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,
  • 5 Boston University,
  • 1 Carnegie Mellon University,
  • 1 Emory University,
  • 1 Wake Forest University,
  • 1 Syracuse University,
  • 1 Brandeis University,
  • 1 Rhode Island School of Design
  • 1 Babson College.

Among the ED offers, 15 are from the “New Ives”: Carnegie Mellon University, Emory University, New York University, University of Rochester and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. More offers will be announced in April.


U.K. Offers:

Among the 314 offers from the UK, 23 are from G5 Universities including 1 offer from the University of Cambridge, 2 offers from Imperial College London, 19 offers from the University College London, and 1 offer from The London School of Economics and Political Science.

About G5 Universities

The G5 is a grouping of five English public research universities that was established in early 2004. The members are Imperial College London, the London School of Economics, the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford and University College London.


Canadian Offers

57 offers are from Canada, among them, 12 from McGill University, 3 from University of British Columbia, 1 from Queen’s University, 4 from McMaster University, 4 from the University of Alberta, 4 from Western University, 5 from the University of Toronto, 3 from Simon Fraser University and 3 from York University.


Offers from Other Countries

As for offers from other countries, eight are from Australia, including:

  • 3 from the University of Melbourne,
  • 1 from the University of Sydney,
  • 1 from Curtin University,
  • 1 from Queensland University,
  • 1 from the University of Adelaide,
  • 1 from Monash University

One is from Switzerland: Business and Hotel Management School (b.h.m.s), and one from Japan: Waseda University 


Top Art School Offers:

As in previous years, this year's graduates are still favoured by top art schools, including the Rhode Island School of Design, the New School (which includes the Parsons School of Design) as well as the Maryland Institute College of Art, the California College of the Arts, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Pratt Institute, the School of Visual Arts, Goldsmiths, the University of London, Art University of Bournemouth and the University of the Creative Arts.