Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts

This unique programme to DHSZ provides students with an academically rigorous foundation in the social sciences and humanities.  A broad and wide ranging course, it will link together themes that run across traditional academic disciplines. It is aimed at students who are considering following a Liberal Arts core curriculum in the United States, United Kingdom and beyond.

This course will also focus on improving students’ skills in academic English. It will incorporate extensive reading, independent research, writing to inform, creative writing, debate, and public speaking.

Course Aims and Content
Why do countries go to war?  Is Chinese the global language of the future?  Why are some countries so much richer than others?  Is eating meat bad for the planet?  Students will think and work collaboratively in order to investigate a number of key themes which will relate to issues including globalisation, environmental challenges, international relationships and intercultural understanding.

Course Assessment
The assessments for this internal course will measure skills, academic knowledge and essential understandings.  Students will produce a combination of essays, written reports, collaborative research projects and presentations.

The Dulwich Advantage
This course has been created by a highly experienced cross-disciplinary team to reflect the needs and interests of internationally-minded students seeking to explore the Liberal Arts.

Our Liberal Arts programme will go beyond the boundaries of traditional high school courses, and provide a strong foundation for future  AS options in Economics, Psychology and Geography.  It will also develop the skills required for the prestigious Cambridge Research Qualification.