IGCSE Spanish


The Spanish language is now the second most widely spoken language in a progressively more globalised world.

This course is intended for students who might wish to pursue the field of humanities and have a keen interest in other cultures and languages. The course would particularly benefit students wishing to study in the Pan-American continent.

The nature of this course requires students to have an excellent level of English comprehension. Therefore, students selecting Spanish need to have demonstrated this through their entrance test scores. Further testing may be required in some cases.

Course Aims and Content
The course aims for students are to:

  • Develop the ability to communicate effectively using both spoken and written Spanish
  • Gain insights into the culture and society of Spanish speaking countries
  • Develop awareness of the nature of  language and language learning
  • Develop transferable skills (e.g. analysis, memorising, drawing of inferences) to complement other areas of the curriculum 

Content is centred on: everyday activities, personal and social life, the world around us, the world of work, and the international world.

External Assessment
The course is assessed during the second year: speaking (25%) is tested in April, followed by reading (25%), writing (25%) and listening (25%), which are examined in May.

The Dulwich Advantage
Through the Spanish course, Dulwich provides a pathway for students with a passion for language and humanities. There are opportunities to lead and take part in Spanish cultural events, such as the school’s Spanish Cultural Festival and the school’s annual Spanish cultural and language trip to Spain.