Service & Sustainability

About Service and Sustainability (SAS)

At Dulwich, we have a unique responsibility to educate our students and our community about caring for the planet on which we all rely and which our children and grandchildren will inherit. Our relationship with the natural world not only sets an important example for our students but it also reflects our core values. We believe that we have a responsibility to equip our students with the scientific evidence and critical thinking skills required to inform their own decisions, and to empower them to take action to support the environment.

Since Dulwich College International’s inception in 2003, our schools have developed many unique and pioneering capabilities, not only in the academics but also in many other areas associated with the provision of holistic education, including community and environmental action. Where our first 10 years were associated with local action within our schools in support of the environment, the last 5 have witnessed a rapid increase in our activity across the group, enabling action to be taken at scale. We can, and will, build upon this by leveraging the scale of our network to help each other share and implement new sustainability initiatives. 

We believe that we do have the power to make change happen through educating our students and that we, as an organization hosted by and within local communities, have a social responsibility to act. We must set an example for our students and inspire others, within and beyond our school boundaries. Our message is that we can all do something - just one small action such as switching off lights, closing doors or reducing print materials, if repeated by many people, can have an enormous impact.

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