At Dulwich International High School Suzhou, sport is more than just an essential part of the curriculum. While sports certainly help our students to develop physically and improves their coordination skills, it also shows them how to become a valuable member of a team. Scientific research also clearly shows the role that physical exercise (on a regular basis) has on enhancing organizational skills, developing self-discipline and improving emotional and social wellbeing.

Sport at Dulwich is a vitally important part of the House System. Sporting participation and active competition encourages leadership and showcases the importance of sportsmanship. Sporting Competition, in the context of the house system, allows our students to experience and celebrate success and achievement, while also learning how to lose with dignity.

As a school in the DCI family, Dulwich International High School Suzhou regularly competes against other schools in the group as part of the annual Dulwich Games. Every four years, the DCI Group holds the Dulwich Olympiad, which is a sports competition on the largest scale that involves all of the schools in the DCI group. In 2019, Dulwich College (our founding school in London) hosted the 2019 Dulwich Olympiad. Students from across all of the DCI Schools participated in the extensive quadricentennial celebrations in London.

We also compete with other Asian international schools in prestigious sporting events and competitions. This gives our students ample opportunities to travel with their teams to compete, helping them to forge a strong ethos of teamwork. As a member of several regional school associations, Dulwich International High School Suzhou also hosts a range of prestigious sporting competitions every year.