SE21 provides a great example of how, at Dulwich International High School Suzhou, we prepare our students for a future that is fundamentally indefinable. SE21 means many different things, but it brings all of these separate elements together with synergy. So what is SE21?

S                Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths
E                Entrepreneurship from an Environmental Sustainable Perspective
21              Developing 21st Century Skills in our Approaches to Learning (ATL)

SE21 is also the postcode for Dulwich College, the founding school in the Dulwich group.

Our SE21 hubs are a great source of pride and provide great spaces for pitching ideas, building robots and coding, making films and working with virtual reality. They provide a place for students to engage with real world problems solving and entrepreneurship. They give students the opportunity to engage in project based learning that encompasses graphic design, engineering and filmmaking.

SE21 is part of the Dulwich vision of education in the 21st Century. It has a comprehensive agenda with very ambitious goals:

  • SE21 is more than just a collection of simple activities, Programmes or spaces.  We believe that students will only be able to develop the skills and dispositions to successfully engage in life beyond graduation by actively participating in a transformative learning culture
  • SE21 looks forward to the future beyond university and encompasses a variety of opportunities both within and outside the curriculum that focuses on project-based learning with experiential, real-world applications. 
  • Teamwork is a feature that is prominent in SE21, as effective collaboration is the key to success in the future. We hope to create a better world by innovating in both the products and process of student learning. We want sustainability and integrity to underpin the way that our students engage with the world beyond school so that they are worldwise contributors to life, not just consumers.


Our students need to develop a broad portfolio of skills and character strengths in order to be purposeful and fulfilled in both work and life. By collaborating with other schools across the Dulwich group, our students are able to improve their verbal and nonverbal abilities as they develop better intercultural skills.