Our Wellbeing Framework

Staff and student wellbeing is an integral part of the school culture at Dulwich International High School Suzhou. It ensures that every member of our school community can thrive and flourish. Our ultimate goal is to encourage our students to contribute to the wider community in a positive way by developing character strengths and skills that enhance wellbeing. Dulwich International High School Suzhou has a school-wide approach designed to nurture emotional literacy and increase self-awareness, both of which are key factors in finding a real purpose in life.

We firmly believe that academic preparedness and student wellbeing are two sides of the same coin. As a result, by instilling in our students the habits, skills and values that enable them to take full ownership of both their wellbeing and learning, they will find meaning and purpose earlier in life and be able to benefit from these skills throughout their education at Dulwich and beyond, in life in general. A proven strategy in overcoming mental health challenges is the development of both resilience and an overall sense of perspective. This is why, at Dulwich International High School Suzhou, we are committed to equipping our students with the tools they need to develop a positive and purposeful outlook, via our positive schools' agenda and our emphasis on wellbeing.

Using the framework below, our students are provided with a supportive environment of concern and mutual care from all staff members. This provides the basis of a holistic support system that focuses on all areas of ability and interests as well as individual development.

Wellbeing: Character Strengths