2019 Dulwich International High School Suzhou Color Run

Students at Dulwich International High School Suzhou recently organized a charity event “Color Run” that proved to be very popular with 400 people joining. The length of the “Color Run” was about 3.5 kilometres. This charity event was tremendously successful and raised around 12,000rmb that will be used to fund further charity projects at Dulwich International High School Suzhou.


The idea for the “Color Run” was conceived about two months before the start of the event and preparation for it only took two weeks! With a tremendous effort from DHSZ Student Council, all of the preparation such as site layout, personnel assignment, color powder and route, had been finalized just 30 minutes before the “Color Run” started!

The efforts that volunteers, teachers and other staff made, was well worth it. As you can see from the smiling faces, every participant enjoyed the event! Thanks to all the people who helped with the preparations and contributed to the success of the “Color Run”.


When the colourful corn flour is floating on everyone's body;
When a bright smile blooms on every pink cheek;
When the wind brings the fresh smell of grass and wood,
The touch has remained in everyone’s heart.

Finally, we hope that the “Color Run” can be an annual event which can be organized by our Student Council every year. We are also looking forward to cooperating with other schools to expand the influence of the event. We hope that all students can keep supporting the “Color Run”!