2019 Olympiad Video & Survey

2019 Olympiad Video & Survey

On Monday 25 March, the 2019 Dulwich Olympiad officially commenced in London with an opening ceremony at our founding school, Dulwich College. 


2019 Olympiad Survey Highlights


270 responses

92% felt Olympiad has met their expectations, or far exceeded their expectations

62% Olympians still keep in touch with Olympians from other schools, mostly through WeChat and Instagram

76% of the responses are interested in attending an Olympiad 2019 Reunion event

97% of the responses will recommend Olympiad to the others


What was the best thing about Olympiad for you?


Meet new people/make friends

Some other interesting feedabacks

Professional venue


Going to London and DC

Love the Tesco trips

Love the food trucks

Enjoyed doing sports/art/drama/movie



Please share something you learned from your Olympiad experience


Dulwich family/community is big

The importance of working together as a team/teamwork/collaborative work

Keep trying/don’t be afraid to lose/don’t be shy

Different skills in sports/drama/music/art

School songs



How do staff feel the 2019 Olympiad positively impacted students? 


Enrichment, community, pride, internationalism and diversity, competitiveness graciousness

Helped their sense of identity, culturally enriching, great sense of challenge and extended students out of their comfort zone.