Jill J – An environmental artist

Picture of Jill J Standing Outside Dulwich International High School Suzhou

Jill Jiang, graduate of 2018 with AS and A grades in all subjects, received an early decision from Rhode Island Institute of Design and Art and will major in jewelry design.

A piece of jewelry and a dream of the Ocean

The ocean was a childhood dream of Jill Jiang. Two years ago she joined the Sri Lanka's Environmental Protection Organization. On one occasion, when plastic was discovered blocking the throats of dying sea turtles, Jiang Han felt that the ocean was figuratively crying out for help. Jill Jiang has taken these feelings and expressed them in her art where her designs speak volumes about the fight for marine life.

Figure I

“When the ocean is polluted the coral whitens. I hope these wearable bright corals can arouse people's awareness of protecting corals.”


Figure II

"Global Warming leads to glaciers melting, sea level rising and eventually the Earth is covered with sea water. If human beings are to continue to exist, they may evolve to become marine animals. So I got inspiration from the tentacles of octopus and created this piece of art.”

These two works were included as part of Jill Jiang’s application for Rhode Island School of Design and Art.

Late to the Arts

Unlike other students applying for an art college, Jill Jiang did not really connect with the fine arts until her sophomore year at Dulwich. When she started the art course, she compared it to other courses one by one and found herself to be both strongly attracted to art and passionate about design. In her sophomore year, Jiang had a full schedule of courses, with art only taking up one hour a week. In order to gain more time to learn art, she often gave up lunch breaks so she could spend more time in the art studios for creative practice.

"Dulwich Art Classes taught me how to run an art project to understand how a piece of art evolves step by step. Dulwich art classes focus on the cultivation of students' creativity."

Jill Jiang’s has a unique understanding of art: "For me, art is tweezers removing the plastic blocking the throats of sea turtles and reminding people to reflect on what they are doing. It is a law that drives people to make changes. However, I want my work to be sharper and tighter than tweezers and more restrictive than law." The style and method of Dulwich art classes clearly benefited her greatly.

In addition to the arts, Jill Jiang also achieved very good grades in other subjects and she freely acknowledges this this is due to the quality of the teaching at Dulwich:

"Dulwich's teaching method is not a teacher lecturing alone, but there are many lively forms for students to export what they have learned. Even in science, there will be similar forms of video production, slide presentations and poster production to help the students to master the knowledge. "