An inside look at Maths classes at DHSZ

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Roger Bacon
The things of this world cannot be made known without a knowledge of mathematics.
- Roger Bacon, ..


Course Aims & Content

Girl in a jacketMathematics develops logical rigor with creative and abstract thinking, as well as building the skills and frameworks that students need in order to understand the scientific and economic theories they meet in other subjects. We offer two mathematics courses in the Two Year IGCSE Programme. All students complete IGCSE Mathematics (0580).  Students who then achieve at least an A will then complete Additional Mathematics (0606), whilst the remainder will continue to focus on IGCSE Mathematics (0580).



External Assessment

Girl in a jacketThe IGCSE Mathematics course is assessed in November of the second year by two exams, containing a mixture of long response and short response questions testing both mathematical knowledge and the ability to use and apply mathematics. The IGCSE Additional Mathematics course is assessed in May of the second year and is comprised of two papers. Students who achieve excellent grades in Additional Mathematics and have demonstrated good study habits take an accelerated programme of A Level Mathematics in their AS year (Year 12) which then leads to AS or A2 Further Mathematics in Year 13.


The Dulwich Advantage

The ability to apply, analyze and problem solve are vital in all aspects of life, and as such are developed throughout the mathemacitcs course. In Year 12 and 13, having streamed classes taught by highly experienced teachers, students have an opportunity to develop these skills and focus on the applied nature of the course. Students also participate in online enrichment activities and have an experiential approach to learning applied mathematics, for example by using dynamics equipment and data loggers. Dulwich students are skilled in using and applying mathematics in their other subjects at both school and university levels.

The flexible nature of the DHSZ mathematics IGCSE and A Level Programmes allows students to specialize within mathematics and have a personalized programme of study suitable for their degree and career choices. A high proportion of ourstudents will have completed at least AS Further Mathematics upon graduation, giving them a significant head start at university when studying science, technology, engineering, mathematics, finance and other related subjects.


Maths in the Class Room