Autumn Open Day A Great Success!

Autumn Open Day A Great Success!

On Saturday the 25th of November 2017 Dulwich International High School Suzhou held its first open day. The event was a great success with over 800 parents and prospective students attending. After a warm welcome from the Director and a performance by the school choir, parents were given an introduction to the school by the principal as well a detailed look at the admissions process. This was followed by several student ambassadors sharing their experience at DHSZ.

Student ambassadors then did a great job of guiding visitors around the school to subject class rooms as well as answering questions and providing advice. Teaching staff in every department were on hand to answer any questions and provide expertise in their individual subject areas. In order to make the event even more fun each head of department created a multiple choice question for their subject that formed part of a 14 question quiz that visitors where invited to complete in order to win a Dulwich International Jigsaw Puzzle.

As well as meeting subject teachers, visitors were also taken on a detailed tour of the Dulwich International Boarding facilities. The day was a great success at showcasing the combination of our amazing students, inspiring faculty and excellent resources. It also highlighted the outstanding exam results that our students achieve that helps to give them access to prestigious colleges and universities around the world. The tour of the boarding facilities showed how boarding provides structure and routine in students’ lives and creates a focused environment that actively enhances their studies.