Bronze and Silver International Award Expeditions

Bronze and Silver International Award Expeditions Over 200 of our Y10’s, Y11’s, and IG1’s left last weekend for their Bronze and Silver expeditions in Zhejiang province. Another group will leave at the end of this week. These challenging trips take students out of their comfort zone and get them working in teams in a natural environment free of electronic devices. They have to navigate their respective areas by foot, cycle, or kayak. They also have to prepare and cook some of their own food. The students on the first trip had an outstanding experience and they were very lucky with the weather. We wish the second group and equally outstanding experience. The expedition is just one part of the four sections that makes up the International Award. 92% of our Y10’s, 89% of our Y11’s, and 100% of our IG1’s will have taken part in an expedition before the end of this week, demonstrating that our students embrace the many opportunities that our school offers, exhibiting many of the Dulwich values like collaboration, confidence, and excellence in the process.