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When you decide to apply for admission to Dulwich International High School Suzhou for your son or daughter, you are making a wise and thoughtful choice. When you make contact with our Admissions staff, they will assist you through the Admissions process and answer all your questions. They are happy to advise you about the best course for your child.

The curriculum we offer is very challenging and entry to our school is selective. We have two important criteria for admission: academic ability and English language proficiency. In order for students to be successful at our school, they need to be able to cope with the level of challenge and pace of work at our school. Students also need to have reasonable English fluency in order to be able to access the curriculum effectively. Not only do we prepare students for college applications, but more importantly, our school also makes full preparations for their study and life after they enter the university so that they can succeed in the university.

We welcome students who are academically strong, hard- working, well-motivated and ambitious for their future. We expect students who gain admission to our school to be hard-working and well-motivated not only in terms of academic attainment but also in terms of participating fully in the range of opportunities available to them through our co-curricular and sports programmes and through the many other opportunities for personal development that we offer at our school.

The only way to determine if your child is suited to our school is to pay us a visit. Our Admissions staff will welcome you, show you around and give you information about how to apply.

We welcome parents to call our admissions office, or find out more about our school by following us on Wechat or browsing our website. Parents are also encouraged to make an appointment to visit our school in person.

Admissions office : +86 (0) 512 67875003 / +86 (0) 512 67875023 

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