Cross College Science Fair 2018 Hosted at Dulwich International High School

On Wednesday 6th June the inaugural Dulwich Schools Science Fair took place at DHSZ. Over 350 students from Dulwich International High School Suzhou and Dulwich College Suzhou came together to celebrate Science in a collaborative event, and to provide an opportunity for students from both campuses to work together as a team. Students from different Dulwich schools were combined and arranged in 90 teams to take part in a series of engaging and fun science activities.

An Engineering challenge started off proceedings where each team had to build the tallest free standing structure to support an egg using only a fixed number of straws. There were some ingenious constructions on display and evidence of some fantastic teamwork. The winning team produced a tower scaling over 170cm in height.

In addition, there were several workshops each focusing on a particular Chemistry or Biological theme, from candle making to simulating the human digestive system. Students will have gained a lot from this educational experience. We look forward to future events between all of the Dulwich schools.