The second Dulwich International High School Model United Nations (DCMUN II) was held on our campus between Saturday day 14th October to Sunday 15th October 2017. The conference lasted two days. DCMUN II was entirely organized by the Dulwich MUN ECA student secretariat, which included Kitty Y, Eric L, Sam S, George Y, Kiki C, Amanda W, Joyce Z, Cloris L and Echo Y. This was a culmination of preparations for the conference had begun 8 months ago, resulting in a successful conference.

DCMUN II attracted 60 delegates from five schools namely Dulwich international high school, Dulwich College Shanghai, Shanghai Foreign Languages University Affiliated Foreign Languages School, Xinwai School and UWC Changshu.

There were three committees; United Nations Security Council (UNSC)- dealing with Evaluating and strengthening the nuclear policy for the 21st century, Disarmament International Security Committee (DISEC) - dealing with regulating mercenaries and private company usage inconflict areas, Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)- discussing Providing healthcare and food relief to conflict countries.

The theme of the conference was future hope. Delegates were able to establish a global mind set and the enhance the ability of group work. The simulation urged participating delegates to use lessons learned to pursue efforts towards a better world, with understanding that is more common and concrete solution to global issues.

Apart from the serious academy side of the conference, the students had a great time at the social event which helped them to release some of the intense pressure of the conference and to make new friends. The gala dinner on Saturday night was particularly successful. Thanks to all the students and staff whose valuable contributions made DCMUN II agreat success.