Congratulations on DHSZ's Accreditation by Two US Organizations

We are very excited to share this good news with you: Dulwich International High School Suzhou has obtained MSA CESS and AI accreditation, and our school is the only school in Suzhou that has been accredited by MSA CESS. So what is MSA CESS, what is AI? Don't worry, we’ll explain them for you step by step.

What is accreditation?

Accreditation is an evaluation process that schools voluntarily use to demonstrate that they are meeting a defined set of research-based performance standards.

Who are MSA CESS?

MSA CESS stands for the “Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools.”  They are one of six regional accreditation organisations in the United States.  For over 125 years, they have been leaders in educational quality assurance through accreditation. They currently accredit more than 2700 schools and school systems in 34 of the US States and nearly 100 countries internationally. Accreditation is a multi-step long-term process involving the school, students, parents and teachers working with some of the best educators in the world to ensure that the school is performing in line with the accreditation standards and has a clear path for further development. The official website of MSA CESS is:

What is AI (Accreditation International)?

AI is a member of NCPSA, the National Council for Private School Accreditation. It is an alliance recognized and authorized by preschool, primary and secondary schools in the United States. Its main role is the qualifications and standards for private schools. Conduct an assessment. Founded in 1993, the agency has 17 accredited associations and is one of the most authoritative private school accreditation organizations in the United States. Certification International (AI) is designed to certify educational institutions outside the United States. Certified International (AI) has experienced and experienced certification experts and audit teams from all over the world, and has a high authority in the advancement and specialization of education.

What does accreditation mean for Dulwich International High School Suzhou and its students?

•  For schools, accreditation provides comprehensive quality assurance and urges schools to improve:

Accredited schools meet a defined set of standards, these standards cover philosophy and vision, leadership, planning,educational programme, assessment, student services, student life, student activities, information resources and technology use, finances, facilities, and health & safety.  The standards examine schools in a holistic way, supplementing student testing data, to provide a more complete measure of a school’s performance and chart a strategic course of continuous school improvement.

•  For students, accreditation support their university application in the U.S.:

Accreditation is required for colleges and universities, but not all secondary schools are accredited, which means that an accredited international school will stand out among the many applicant schools. After the school is accredited, the student's transcripts are more competitive when applying to American universities. Because the accredited schools have a more complete and rigorous teaching system, their transcripts are more powerful proof of the students' learning ability and overall quality.

Our school's heritage and educational philosophy

Dulwich International High School Suzhou is the sixth school to join the Dulwich International Education Group (DCI) school family. We have close links with Dulwich College established in 1619 and are close to other schools in the group network. Cooperation, encourage students to expand their international horizons, and build a more extended community in which students' academic abilities are cultivated, their creativity is valued, and their diversity is respected. Our school's teaching philosophy is: Through development, understanding and caring for everyone, we enable young people to thrive in universities and even more space, so that they have a positive impact in the world. On this basis, we also focus on cultivating students in all aspects of the eight aspects: respect, responsibility, honesty and integrity, international thinking, self-confidence, innovation, collaboration, and excellence.

The double accreditation this time further demonstrates that our school's educational philosophy and teaching quality are internationally recognized. We once again congratulate Dulwich International High School Suzhou for obtaining certification from two US authorities!