Dr. Joe Spence From Dulwich College Visits Our School

On 23rd October, we had the pleasure of welcoming the Master of Dulwich College in London, Dr Joe Spence, and his wife Angela. Dr Spence and his wife had been visiting Dulwich Old Alleynians in Shanghai and took the opportunity to visit Dulwich schools in Shanghai and Suzhou. The main purpose of their visit was to promote the Dulwich Olympiad in London in April 2019 (click here to learn more: Dulwich Olympiad London 2019) and to meet students and staff who will be participating in the event.

Dr Spence’s visit reminded me of how fortunate we are to be part of a larger family of schools, a family of schools that just does not use the name of Dulwich, but embodies their approach to education, and uses the connections we have to each other for the benefit of all our students.

Dr Spence spoke very highly of the students he met, stating that they were very articulate in sharing their ideas about the event and even offered suggestions for ideas that could be included. He looks forward to welcoming the students and staff to Dulwich College in London in April.

I would also like to take this opportunity to recognize our Head Boy, Sam Shi and Head Girl, Rowena Yin, for the amazing work they do for our school. They were responsible for giving Dr and Mrs. Spence a tour of our school and once again our guests commented on the articulate, bright and enthusiastic young people we have as the representatives for our school. Sam and Rowena embody what our community is about and I am extremely proud to have them as our head students.