Dulwich International High School Suzhou Students Win Pioneering Spirit Award!

Three students from Dulwich International High School Suzhou, Cloris L., Heather C. and Rosemary C., won the Pioneering Spirit Grant Award. This is an initiative by Dulwich College International to encourage students to innovate and come up with exciting ideas. Their project is called Green Slogan Store. This project uses students’ original art work to promote the concept of sustainable development by applying logos and slogans to souvenirs. It is divided into two branches: one is to print green slogans on Dulwich Souvenirs and the other is to produce products with both recycling and United Nations themes. This project originated from the concept of sustainable development that Cloris was exposed to during the Model United Nations conference. She felt that this concept worth publicizing and that a lot of things in life could be improved with sustainability in mind. They started with Dulwich Souvenirs by applying slogans to help students understand the concept of sustainability. Eventually, they hope to integrate the concept of sustainable development into the culture of Dulwich, so that teachers, students and parents of Dulwich community can understand and implement environmental friendly concepts.