Echo Xu to Study Bio Chemistry at Rochester University

Echo Xu to Study Bio Chemistry at Rochester University

Normally, students will receive US university acceptances in March while DHSZ students have already received 24 early decisions now. One of our students, Echo X, has been accepted by Rochester University and is going to study bio-chemistry.

Rochester University is recognized as one of the USA’s leading private universities and is located in New York, ranked 34th in the United States.

"For a long time, I considered painting just a tool to express my thoughts and preserve memories. Now I realize that it was more than just that. Art could bring hope."

In June 2016, Echo set up a Dulwich medical and volunteer program with her classmates. She provided drawing lessons and reading stories to patients diagnosed with leukemia in Suzhou Children Hospital every Saturday. “Painting can take their attention away from what they were going through. The smile on their face is so touching. It means a lot to me.” As well as teaching these kids drawing, Echo also shares with them interesting stories on her experiences of travelling. “Due to illness, they can’t go out and experience the beauty of the world. I hope they can feel the power through these stories.”

Furthermore, Echo also invited a professional psychologist to give a lecture for parents whose children suffer from leukemia. The lecture was about how to communicate with their kids to ease their stress and psychological burden. Also, Echo organized 3 fund raising activities. As much as 5000 yuan collected were used to buy books and toys for patients.

Echo Wu Bio Chemistry Rochester Outstanding Academic achievements

Echo is not only kind hearted, but also outstanding academically. She won Silver Award in UKMT Senior Math Challenge, Bronze Award in British Biology and Physics Olympiad. Through contact with leukemia patients, Echo has a strong passion for learning life science. In summer school, she wrote a research paper entitled “An Investigation of the Anti-Tumor Activity of Copper Oxide (CuO) Nanoparticles”. She even finished A Meta-Analysis about Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Environmental Factors.

In DHSZ, Echo is ambassador for the Visual Performance and Art Departments. She coordinates with clubs and student organizations to organize various activities. She offers to assist in the preparation of venues, lighting, decorations, sound systems and other logistic arrangements to ensure the success of each school activity. She no longer just focuses exclusively on learning. By participating in a varieties of activities, Echo acquired interpersonal communication skills and leadership. She became more target oriented and plan focused. “DHSZ molded me to be mature.”