Eco Conference

Eco Conference

7 students went to Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi over the weekend of the 2nd-3rd of March.The students were joined by 2 other students from Dulwich College Suzhou as a joint venture to promote sustainability across both schools.

The conference was a great success with various workshops and guest speakers giving great ideas to our students to bring in initiatives to make Dulwich more sustainable.  

One of our student Crystal said:" I really enjoyed the tour of the school and how well they have implemented sustainable initiatives across the school. I was very impressed with the use of solar panels in Shanghai Puxi and would like to learn more about how we could use them in our school!"

And another student Edward said:" I was really glad to have had the opportunity to discuss ways to improve out school and to work with other students from different Dulwich schools.”

The Eco group are very excited to take these ideas forward and begin to implement them into our sustainability long term plan and engage more of the student body.