Extended Project Students Building Stronger Collaboration with Dulwich College

On 20th and 21st March, 14 of our DHSZ A Level students were involved in a collaborative meeting with students and staff from Dulwich College to discuss their Extended Projects (EPs).  EP topics from our school included  "Democracy" (Politics and History),  "Chinese GDP Study" (Economics), "Market Analysis of the Chinese Training Centre Market " (Economics) , "A Literature Review on Love" (Biology and Psychology) , "Research on Lavender Oil"(Chemistry)  and "Experimental Study on the Effectiveness of PM2.5 Facial Maska" (Physics). EP topics from the Dulwich College students included  "Gravitational Waves" (Physics), "Refractive Index" (Physics)", "All Action is Reaction" (Medicine) and "Antibacterial Properties of Natural Substances" (Biology). It was a successful two-way process, with the students from Suzhou and London trading questions and answers about their work. Among the group from London were Dr. Neil Croally, Head of Liberal Studies and Head of Scholarship, and Deputy Head Boy Shehzore Adil, who took part in the Student Leadership Conference earlier in the year. 

DHSZ students stayed long after the school day ended at 4:45pm to navigate the 8-hour time difference between the UK and China, and the discussions lasted for up to two hours. Our students found the experience extremely interesting and useful, realising, they said, that it is a great stepping-stone to building their connections and potentially making a friend for life. The students overwhelmingly agreed that they felt academically challenged when probed by academically gifted students with English as their native language, but met the challenge very well indeed. They hope to share  emails in the near future so they can continue their debate and discussion beyond the video conference.

Students are excited to see how Dulwich College students' volunteering to mentor some of our top AS EP students will unfold, saying they are enthralled to see how this continuing collaboration will roll out in the years to come.