Global Issues Network Conference

On 19th of January, a group of Dulwich students involved in charity projects visited the Shanghai Concordia College for a sustainability and service conference. It was a successful trip which made our students more internationally-minded. We realized the shortfall of the charity projects in our school by talking to charity leaders in other schools. This helped us to make improvements on our own charity work.

What is Global Issues Network Conference?

  • GIN conferences are a network of local GIN change-makers working with their community to create positive change on an international, national or local scale.
  • GIN Conferences are student led and organized gatherings that value community building.
  • GIN Conferences are a network of school communities that organize regionally and internationally.

We encourage students and educators to organize in a way that is both inclusive and pragmatic.  We ask students to become familiar with organizing strategies and ideologies of social movement leaders, both local and global, who have created lasting change.  Students will come to see that leaders who have led successful movements, organize and partner with a true understanding of their community and community needs because it is a relationship that is founded in empathetic action, trust and respect.


In the morning, all students were randomly assigned to different groups to cooperate with students from other schools. By hearing the ideas of other students, we were able to identify our weaknesses of and improve on them. The Students then a presented a PowerPoint on sustainability. Our group presented on the topic “Health & Well-Being”. We first discussed Pneumoconiosis, a lung disease. By using statistics and pictures, we were able to raise the awareness. We also introduced the issue of mental health by showing a video about how people from Dulwich view depression and autism. After the presentation, students asked questions and a fascinating debate ensued. By the end of these morning activities, all students had a better understanding of sustainability.


After lunch, there were charity displays in the gym. Students from different schools laid out their fundraising product ideas, such as T-shirts, cups and toys to promote their charity and sell these products to raise funds. It was very exciting to see so many mature projects from other schools, but on this occasion our school didn’t participate in the fair. However, this inspired us to work harder and smarter so we can take part next year. There is no doubt that our school charities need more students who can devote passion and energy into these projects to make charities that thrive.