Harvard Lecturer Talks at Dulwich MUN

On the afternoon of 1st November, Dr. Sergio Imparato, a lecturer in Social Science at Harvard Extension School and Head Teaching Assistant at the Harvard College Program in General Education, gave a lecture on international relations to Model United Nations students at Dulwich International High School Suzhou. He also serves as the Course Administrator and Head Teaching Assistant for Michael Sandel’s course “Justice” at Harvard Extension School. He is the author of The Sovereign President (Pisa University Press, 2015; in Italian), a study on the ethics and politics of presidential leadership in foreign affairs.

Dr. Imparato only talked for about an hour, but he skillfully ran through American history with several major events, and introduced some terminology while offering an interpretation in a short amount of time. Once put into an historical context, the terminology was easily understood by our students. In addition to telling historical stories, he also raised some interesting questions, intermittently inviting students to actively think and answer questions covering the international situation in the world and the current political situation in the United States. Dulwich students impressed Dr. Imparato with their fluent English, clear analysis and opinions on current affairs. At the end of this intensive lecture, Dr. Imparato invited the students to ask questions and speak freely, and the students' enthusiasm for the class and deep thinking about related topics made the Q&A session last for another hour. This was a great experience for Dulwich students...


The 3rd Dulwich Model United Nations Conference will continue to be held in our school. The theme of this conference is “sustainable development”. Students from all Dulwich schools will be invited to attend, students will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with peers from different cultural backgrounds. Next year MUN plans to attend the Boston University Model United Nations (BosMUN). The trip takes place during the Chinese new year school holiday. It involves university visits (Harvard, MIT, Boston, Yale and Columbia). There will also be a visit to the UN headquarters.

There are various types of Co-curricular activities at Dulwich International High School Suzhou, students choose to join the clubs that fit their own interests. Thanks to our widespread connections and resources, students have lots of opportunities to communicate with professionals from famous universities around the world.