How We Protect Your Children

Dear Parents:

At Dulwich International High School Suzhou, the safety of our students is top priority. Children are vulnerable and impressionable. In order to protect their safety, we have a strict and comprehensive safety protection system at DHSZ. All teachers and staff make every effort to protect the safety of our students.

We would like to tell you exactly how Dulwich International High School Suzhou is protecting students' safety at school.

Our commitment to Safeguarding covers:

  • Child protection
  • Safe recruitment and selection
  • School security/physical environment                                            
  • Managing allegations
  • Behaviour Management
  • Partnership with parents/ caregivers    
  • Anti-bullying
  • Peer on peer abuse
  • Digital safety
  • Whistleblowing
  • Staff conduct
  • Inclusive practice
  • Special educational needs and disabilities
  • Positive and preventive curriculum
  • Attendance, admissions, exclusions

Step 1: Safe Recruitment

When we recruit staff at Dulwich International High School Suzhou (DHSZ), we ensure that every teacher and staff member has to undergo a detailed criminal record check, police checks and past employment references. We speak to the present and past employers of every teacher.

Step 2: Safeguarding Training

Before teaching at Dulwich, every teacher and staff member must complete Safeguarding Training. This training not only focuses on how to keep children safe, but it also addresses how to safely report suspected issues and cases of concern.

Step 3: Ongoing Safeguarding sessions

Training Sessions are repeated every term for all our teachers and we have four qualified Safeguarding trainers here at Dulwich International High School Suzhou.

Step 4: Auditing

Our safeguarding practices are audited internal and externally by internationally recognized and respected Safeguarding authorities. External practitioners come into our school and check in detail that we have completed all police checks and references for all teachers and staff. The safeguarding auditors also speak with our students to ask them if they feel safe, and educate them about what safety real is.

Step 5: Safeguarding Monitors

DHSZ has four safeguarding monitors at school who talk with and educate students about their own safety. Safeguarding posters are on display around the school.

Step 6: Monitored CCTV

DHSZ has a high security control room of closely monitored CCTV cameras. If there is a safeguarding incident, our two headmasters have direct access to the footage.

Step 7: Confidentiality

All members of staff at the school ensure that data relating to children is managed confidentially in accordance with the requirements of DCI and national/local guidance. If you are concerned about the issue of child safety and want to know more about DHSZ’s Safeguarding policies and processes, you are more than welcome to come and talk with us. Our doors are always open.

Kind regards,

Dulwich International High School Suzhou