From Saturday to Monday, 13 to 15 April, students from the Dulwich College Suzhou and Dulwich International High School Suzhou organised and led the inaugural ‘HACKONNECT’ coding event.

The theme was “A Connected World” to help students explore using technology to connect the community and world we live in. All participants engaged in workshops and group projects, learning about technological concepts and creating innovative projects.

During the event, participants learned Micro:bit, Web Scraping, API, and Machine Learning. Each of these student-led and created courses was built to provide them with skills they then utilised in their group projects. The winning project was a program that helped blind people use voice recognition to search online, made by Mondo (DCSZ), Jemima (DCSZ), and Johnny (DHSZ Y10), with their mentor Carl (DHSZ Y11). 



HACKONNECT is a student-led workshop where DCSZ and DHSZ students collaborate to solve small community problems using data base programming. During this eventful weekend, you will be able to explore your interest in computer science, develop leadership, and enjoy collaborating with other great minds in Suzhou.

At HACKONNECT, we welcome all skill levels of computer science, whether you are simply interested in learning some new stuff, currently partaking a CS course, or you’re already excelling and ready to dive into machine learning, HACKONNECT can provide for all of you!!


You will develop leadership skills after participating in HACKONNECT. Our event will be taking place in the form of group projects, in which you will be arranged into different teams where you are able to create a product or outcome.

We will be providing Micro:bits to every participant, and therefore, you will be able to utilize that hardware to help your team create something awesome.

Overall, the event was a great learning experience for all who participated in and organised the event. The Hackonnect team would like to thank the participants, volunteers, and staff for making this event both enjoyable and successful.