Inter-House Drama Competition

Thanks to  Alison Crozier (University Admissions Instructor, the Boarding Parent and the Coordinator of the College Activity)

One Week to Curtain, the Inter-House Drama Competition. It gives the Houses a week to write the script, cast and rehearse before performing before their Boarding House peers in a dress rehearsal on Sunday night, and before their peers, judges and staff on Monday.

All Houses had the theme of “What lies beneath”, they had to fit in the line “I laugh in the face of danger” and incorporate the prop of popcorn.




This was the best house drama competition I did ever. Spenser finally were not second.  Robbie L (Spenser)

The students put so much effort into the house drama competitions! It was truly amazing to see how quickly each house put together a wonderful performance in just a week. It is always great to see students participating in events outside of class and showing how talented they are. Really any of the houses could have earned first place because they were all so well done! (Miss Garcia)


This is a great competition and every house did a really good job. I am a performer and I gained a lot not only about the drama but also about teamwork. (Augustus M Grenville)

The students really took the lead with this event. The older students volunteered to write the script and direct the play. This was a huge task as they only had 1 week to do all this. As being a head of house it was fantastic to see the students get so involved with the project and really enjoyed rehearsing and preparing the performance. I was so proud to see the students all come together to produce this massive project and do it with a smile on their face. I know Fan students really enjoyed getting into character and seeing their characters evolve over the week was very interesting for me as well. Mr. Harrison (Fan)


It’s really enjoyable to have the opportunity to watch the competition. I can feel the every member’s enthusiasm and hard working. The creative plots and lines also bring me plenty of happiness. (Mandy M)

Raleigh created a hilarious performance that kept the audience laughing. The students brilliantly incorporated slapstick comedy and comedic timing. (Miss Park, Raleigh)


The Results: Spenser 1st, Fan and Grenville Joint 2nd, Raleigh 3rd.