Library Book Talk

"I Love Reading" Initiative

On the 16th Oct, school librarian Ms. Zhao delivered a book talk to Y10 students. The book talk is part of the “I Love Reading Initiative” launched by school library.

Book talks are part of the libraries commitment to helping students develop their long term passion for reading, which will in turn help them to prepare for their future study in the school, as well as at university in the long term. The objectives of the book talk were as follows:

1. To support students’ language development in English

2. Build confidence in reading books in English

3. To understand western literature more effectively by understanding the background information behind a story.

During the book talk, Ms Zhao used 2 books “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and Treetop book “Maggie ADERIN-Pocock: Space Scientist” to introduce the following topics:

1. Travel in the United States.

2. How to write vivid details to support a main idea.

3. Why TreeTop books can help us to develop vocabulary in a subject.

All Y10s are invited to come to the Library, books are ready for you now and they are willing to accompany you during your journey in reading in English!