Library Reading Workshop

On 21st and 22nd Aug, Ms. Zhao, school librarian of Dulwich International High School Suzhou organized 4 lecture talks to our new Y10 students with the following topics.

01. Students engagement with learning resources and learning support

02. Discover joy of reading in English  

03. It is not a must to start Reading from classic books

04. Ways to manage your challenge when starts at a new learning environment

Ms. Zhao engaged the school Reading Promotion Club students, all library staff and invited a leading Chinese teacher and reading expert Mr. Sun Jinnuo of Suzhou High School SIP campus.


 Mr. Sun Jinnuo of Suzhou High School SIP campus


 Reading Promotion Club Students: Public Speaking


  Ms. Zhao, school librarian of Dulwich International High School Suzhou


 Year 10 Students Listening with great Interest


 Mr. Gibson Delivering a Lecture on Why Reading is Important

The reading club students not only shared their positive learning experiences brought by discovering joy of reading but used their peer influence to encourage new students to face coming challenges with brave and useful approaches. Mr. Sun used his expert knowledge to deliver a convincing speech on why reading non classic books is also a good way to start a reading journey. Library Support Mr. Gibson and Ms. Zhao, as library staff delivered talks about how the library resources and services engage with their successful academic life in Dulwich International High School Suzhou and importance of reading in English.

All the efforts are paid off. After the lecture talks, students approached speakers with questions and asked us to check out reading books.  

During the event, Ms. Zhao witnessed a growing sense of responsibility among Reading Promotion Club students. In order to deliver their talks, they had meet online twice during their summer holidays to discuss the topics of their speech. Some members of the club who are not good at public speaking stepped out of their comfort zones and delivered a speech. The events received great support Aimee Yang, Eileen Law, Stacy Atterton, Aurora C, IT and Operations team. Ms. Zhao and her team hope the that the lectures talks will plant the seed for the new students that reading is not only good for coping with exam but also a good way to discover themselves and the world around them.