Mini Enterprise Fair

Mini Enterprise Fair

Students, staff and parents enjoyed the DHSZ Enterprise fair organized by Y10 and IGI. This is the 5th year in succession that the Enterprise Fair has been held and every year it has gone from strength to strength. Year 10 and IGI students followed a 4-week enterprise course during Life Skills lessons and were supported by their tutors during tutor time.

The Enterprise project was led by Ms. Gilpin, it involved 22 tutors from Y10/IGI and 245 students. Every team had to set up their own business and traded as an enterprise for the fair. Initially, students using teamwork, investigated creativity, critical thinking and branding to create paper products from a single sheet of paper. This was supported by discussions of why famous entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Jack Ma have become very successful in business. Students had to allocate themselves roles, such a Managing Director, Company Accountant, Marketing Director, then research and create a product or service for their business to sell. This moved on to each team creating a PPT presentation of their business proposal that was presented in English to their tutor and peers using applied business vocabulary and concepts.

Year 10 and IGI were then taught about marketing and modern marketing methods; why will someone purchase your product? What’s your Unique Selling Point? How will you attract customers to your stall at the fair? Social media marketing. Company Accountants were responsible for all business finances, completion of financial documents and payment of tax (25% of profit). The tax will be donated to DHSZ House Charities. Production Directors were responsible for ‘quality’ of products, quality control of systems and ensuring safety.

There will be an Enterprise Assembly in January to award the DHSZ Businesses, award details will be included in the January newsletter. Enterprise gives students a great opportunity to support their University applications as they can discuss their ‘Director role’ and promote themselves with regard to leadership, teamwork, working with finance, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, sustainability, ethics, Dulwich values and marketing.

Overall the Enterprise Fair was a great success, students enjoyed the experience and learned so much about themselves as budding entrepreneurs and future leaders on the world stage.