Mr Gibson Publishes Science Fiction Book

The Photographer and Support Librarian at Dulwich International High School Suzhou Publishes Science Fiction Book

Earlier this year, during the Spring Break from School, Andrew Gibson (the Photographer and Support Librarian at Dulwich International High School Suzhou) published a book!

Incredible Science Fiction from the 50’s and Beyond collects together some of the very best science fiction stories published in the 1950’s in one volume. All of these stories (except for the Goldfish) are now in the public domain and were originally published in Worlds of If Science Fiction magazine. This collection includes the Hugo Award-nominated story “Rat in the Skull” by Rog Phillips. It also includes an original story by Andrew, who curated and edited this collection.

In this short interview with Andrew, we are going to look at what inspired him to edit and write the book.

What inspired you to publish a book of Science Fiction Stories?

I guess the true reason behind it is that I have had a lifelong love of science fiction. I grew up watching TV shows like Logan’s Run and Buck Rogers, Blake’s 7 and Doctor Who (this was in the ’70s and Tom Baker will always be my Doctor). Doctor Who was a favourite of mine and it was the spin-off books that were largely responsible for helping me to learn to read. I certainly developed a lifelong love of reading as a direct result of spending so much time with these books. 


So why publish a collection of old stories? 

My love of reading encompasses two distinct forms. As well as the insular pleasure of reading to oneself, I also really enjoy reading aloud. One of the plus sides of being a parent is the opportunities for reading aloud that bedtime stories provide. Once you get past the repetitive tedium of rhyming picture books and start to explore more complex narratives, as a reader as well as a narrator, it becomes far more enjoyable. Reading books aloud to my children gave me the opportunity to enjoy a wider range of literature than I otherwise would. It was something that I found myself missing when they grew too old for bedtime stories and would rather spend their time absorbed in YouTube videos on their phones and tablets. So, I decided to carry on reading aloud. As well as the digital and physical version of the book, I have also narrated all the stories, which will be available on Amazon Audible soon.

How did you choose which stories to include in the book?

In terms of curating the material in the book, I used some blunt filters. First, I needed to have really enjoyed reading a story before I considered including it. If I did not find something of merit in the tale or failed to be engaged by the authors writing style, then I did not add it. However, I tried to avoid including stories that were too focused on contemporary politics.


There is one original Story in the book that you wrote yourself. Are you planning to write anymore?

Yes. I have been working on a hard science fiction time travel novel for a couple of years now. At some point in time, I will finish it (if I am able to untangle some of the very complex narrative knots in what I have written so far). I am working on several other short stories that I will include in future volumes of Incredible Science Fiction. 

Where can I read your Book?

Incredible Science Fiction: Amazing Tales from the 50’s and Beyond is currently available in both eBook and Physical Book versions from Amazon. The audiobook version (which I narrated myself) is coming soon and will be available on Amazon Audible.