My Thoughts about Online Learning-Series 1

After four weeks of online learning, we interviewed some of our students about their experience with online learning. They planned their time at home well and took full advantage of the online learning resources provided by our school. They faced the present situation with a positive attitude and made progress in their studies. We will do a series of reports. Here are Charles Z. and Garry H.’s responses to online learning:

Charles Z.

Question 1: What’s your daily routine like? How do you make your own timetable? Do you prefer a fixed timetable or a tailor-made one, based on your study needs and progress?

Answer 1: Generally, when I get up in the morning, I first look at the messages in Teams and Outlook on my mobile phone, and then put them into my To-do list. Then I get up and send the day’s lesson reminder to our math Teams group (screenshot below). Then I start clearing tasks on my To-do list (To-do list is also a new habit for me). As I finish one task, I would mark the completion time. I usually begin to study at nine o'clock in the morning. Eat at noon and then study in the afternoon and evening. After finishing all the tasks, I start reviewing and organizing my notes into OneNote (screenshots below).


Question 2: Do you speak with classmates regularly? Does it help your learning?

Answer 2: Yes, sometimes classmates ask me questions, and I talk with them online via QQ and WeChat. When helping others, it also helps me to consolidate my own knowledge. Sometimes I ask them questions and get help from them.

Question 3: How much do you use teachers’ office hours? What do you do with your teachers within that time and how do you find it?

Answer 3: Whenever I have questions, I know I can find any of my teachers during office hours. (See below screenshots):


Question 4: Did you take some time to get used to online learning, or you have adapted it very quickly? Who helped you get used to online learning? Do you have some advice? How do you stay motivated during online learning?

Answer 4: It took me several days to get used to online learning, but the whole experience was good.

Garry H.

Question 1: What’s your daily routine like? How do you make your own timetable? Do you prefer a fixed timetable or a tailor-made one based on your study needs and requirements?

Answer 1: I’ve been getting up before 6:00 am every day to start work because at other times I get distracted easily. Then breakfast begins at eight o’clock. I’ll have a little breakfast then start checking Moodle and Teams at about 8:30. I am used to studying Maths and Economics until 11:30 in the morning. After lunch, I like to play some music and take a nap on the sofa (12:30-1:30). In the afternoon I study physics and then finish on-line learning at 3:30 if there are no other subjects to be assigned. This is my schedule from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday, I will definitely spend the whole day in the room relaxing. I need to read one day a week to relax completely.

Question 2: Do you feel you can get help from teachers when needed? Can you provide some examples?

Answer 2: I probably contact my math teacher (Mrs.Dianati) two or three times a week. I asked her some questions about my homework, and every time she replied quickly, she would record a video for me to explain. That’s really helpful. (See example below):