Olivia Y. Won First Prize in Brainbee Championship!

Recently, while the Y13 students at Dulwich International High School Suzhou are receiving university offers, a Y12 student Olivia Y. won the first prize in the International Brain Bee Championship and became the school's pride. The 2020 Brain Bee Brain Championship Regional Tournament was held on 1st January. 1,852 students from a total of 187 schools in 20 provinces registered for the competition (including Junior). Besides that, Olivia also won the national first place in the EdExcel IGCSE economics exam (for details, please click: Top Achievers 2019), and was elected Head Girl in student council.


International Brain Bee Championship originated in the United States, is a competition for young people worldwide, designed to encourage students to recognize and explore the human brain. The contest is sponsored by the American Psychological Association(APA), the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS), the Society of Neuroscience (SfN), the American Dana Foundation, and the International Brain Research Organization ( International Brain Research Organization (IBRO). After 21 years of development, Brain Bee currently has more than 200 chapters in more than 50 countries around the world. According to the competition rules of the International Brain Bee Brain Science Contest Organizing Committee, each participating country must hold a national selection contest, and students selected from it participate in the Brain Bee Brain Science Contest International. Every year, the Brain Bee International competition is held in the same place with international conferences related to brain science (such as the annual conferences of the Neuroscience Society, European Neuroscience Society, and American Psychological Society). Attend the international conference.

The Brain Bee Brain Science Contest entered China in 2013. In the past seven years, we have done a lot of basic work with the mission of “universal adolescent brain science knowledge and training of future brain science talents”. The Brain Bee Brain Science Competition has also been recognized and participated by more and more schools, teachers and students across the country. At present, most students in large and medium-sized cities in China have participated in the Brain Bee activities. Among them, the outstanding students who have emerged are widely used by Tsinghua University, Peking University, Princeton University, Stanford University, Columbia University, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Cambridge Universities, Oxford University, Duke University, Northwestern University, Johns Hopkins University, Cornell University, Brown University and other famous schools have accepted. Many students choose biology, neuroscience or related majors as their majors.

Olivia shared with us her feelings about participating in the Brainbee Brain Science Competition:


I participated Brainbee last year, nevertheless, my passion for neuroscience really started when I went to Stanford Summer Session and attended a course called Intro to Neuroscience. During that summer, I had a deeper understanding of the brain than I ever did before— we even visited the fMRI machine on the campus. I really love the quote by Arthur Conan Doyle —'I am a brain, Watson. The rest of me is a mere appendix.’ Neuroscience has such a strong attraction to me because of its close connection with psychology and biology, two of my favourite subjects— I always believe that to get to know the mind, you have to start from its physiology. Honestly, learning all about how the brain is related to sleep, motion and many other aspects of daily life just fascinate me so. I also get to know more about diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer's and even depression— many more that I haven’t even heard about before— learning more about these diseases allow me to better understand sympathize with people around me combating those diseases, which I figured, is the best part about taking part in this competition. Its wide application is intricately related to us on a day to day basis, like drug abuse and AI.

We congratulate Olivia again for winning the first prize in the Brainbee  Neuroscience Competition.