Our Highly-Educated New Teachers

Our first month is always exciting and full of activity as we prepare the faculty to welcome both new and returning students into the school. This year, we are very pleased to welcome 19 new academic staff members. Three of these replaced leaving staff, the remaining 16 have increased the size of our faculty, ensuring that each and every student receives the very best level of care and support.


Recruitment of these new staff started back in 2018.  In total, over 300 applications were carefully scrutinized.  By the time they were hired, our new teachers had been through a rigorous selection process to ensure that they had the knowledge, skills, experience and the right attitude to teach successfully at our school.  This process included multiple interviews, demonstration lessons, referencing and conversations with previous schools.  Child protection and safeguarding is of paramount importance at Dulwich, as a result, background checks and police checks are always obtained for all new hires.


Following their arrival, new faculty members take part in a carefully designed induction program that ensures that they understand the unique nature of our school and students.  New colleagues will meet with the school leadership and senior students to help them prepare to teach at Dulwich International High School.

We are very proud of the diversity of our staff, and seek to combine the best elements of a range of international systems in our approach to teaching and learning.  Whilst we have many new faculty members from the United Kingdom, the United States, and China, we also have new staff from Belarus, Belize, Hungary, India, Ireland, Spain, Turkey, and the Ukraine.  They offer a wide variety of international perspectives.  For example, Brian Craig, our new Head of Languages, has been working in Asia since 2006 and formally led the English department at Nanjing Foreign Language School.  Ahunur Ozkarahan, our new Graphics teacher, previously taught undergraduates, in addition to wide-ranging professional work.


With the increase in Year 13 students, our College Counselling office has also expanded considerably, now benefiting from 12 staff. Our new faculty members are highly qualified and experienced, with most holding post-graduate degrees with an average of more than ten years of experience.  You can find further information on the backgrounds of all of our teachers via our website: Our Teachers.