Rising Year 12 Options Day

With over 500 option combinations available in Year 12 alone, the A Level programme at DHSZ offers highly tailored Study Programmes that enable students to align their courses with their interests and future aspirations. On 1st March we welcomed parents of rising Y12 students (current Y11 and IG1) to learn more about the options that are available to them in the AS year and how their choices now will impact on their future college and career plans. Students are now busy consulting with their teachers, tutors and college counsellors to ensure that they make the best optional course selections. Parents are of course very important in this process, and we encourage you to discuss option choices with your child. Students can always approach teachers directly with their questions; parents are also welcome to contact teachers via their parent liaison. We do ask that current Y11 and IG1 students submit their forms as soon as possible – the school will endeavor to accommodate all combinations of options once the fully completed form is submitted on or before 18th March.


Over the coming weeks, Year10 students will select their science options and Year 12 students will choose which courses to study in Year 13. Further communication will take place with the relevant students and parents in due course with full details, allowing ample time for careful choices.