The Dulwich Experience

The Dulwich Experience

One semester is coming to an end,

what is it like to study and live in Dulwich?

We followed the footsteps of four students and

recorded some moments of their campus life at Dulwich on camera.

Including classroom learning, co-curricular activities, and boarding life.


The four students we selected epitomize typical Dulwich student. Through their stories, we can see that at Dulwich, we know and care about every student and are committed to letting them fully develop their talents and interests, living a happy and meaningful campus life and ultimately be able to succeed in university and future workplaces, creating a positive impact on the world stage and in the journey of life.


The four students are:


Steven: Academic Mathematics and Technical Expert.

Steven is currently a Year 12 student in the school. He has excellent math scores and has recently achieved the nation's first grade in CAIE IGCSE additional maths (related articles: Top Achievers 2019). Besides having excellent academic results, Steven also showed his leadership skill, for example, he's recently been elected as the Deputy Head Boy in school; and he is also a leader in campus ambassadors and Model United Nations. He also participates in The Farmbot, Language Club, and Frisbee Co-curricular activities.


Xu: a lively and cheerful musical talent

Xu is a gifted student in music and is currently in Year 12. She is passionate about music and the viola; she passed the royal grade eight of ABRSM in one and a half years after learning the viola through super-intensive practice. With a lively and cheerful personality, she loves a snack, and eating 12 fresh meat mooncakes in one go is not a problem for her! In addition, she is also a student ambassador and communicates with parents during open days (Related article: After Open Day,Apply Now); she also participates in co-curricular activities such as the Chinese drama club.


Ju-Ern: A Sports Allrounder

Ju-Ern is currently a Year 12 student at the school, originally from Singapore. He excels in several sports, including badminton (formerly the Dulwich Olympiard Championship), football and swimming. He is a member of the Student Council. He also likes music and play a Cello solo at school every month. In addition, he is the deputy head of sustainability and service, and the student extended-project CCA, and the head of the Dulwich Medical Program (related article: Dulwich Students Visit Sick Children).



Jacqueline: Come to Dulwich to pursue her artistic dreams

Jacqueline is currently a Year 10 student at our school. She transferred from Suzhou Foreign Language School and hoped coming here would further her artistic skills and allow her to pursue her artistic dreams. Although she's only in Dulwich for one semester, she adapted pretty well and felt that she could fully develop her passion and interests here. Apart from studying hard, she participated in fashion design and cheerleading co-curricular activities.