Student Leadership Conference in Shanghai

On 17th January, the new Head and Deputy Head prefects at Dulwich International High School Suzhou (Augustus, Flora, Valeria, and Mason) went to Shanghai to meet with the Head prefects from the other Dulwich Colleges as well as the Captains of Dulwich College in London.


They spent three days learning how to be effective leaders and to turn their ideas into reality with the help of two presenters, D’Arcy Lunn and Pete Rogers. During this time they learnt how to manage their time more effectively and how to develop closer ties with their team, as well as how to present to an audience with confidence.


Their vision is to re-define what it means to be a Dulwich Prefect, to revitalize their roles within the school, beginning with reshaping the structure to ensure that all prefects have equal say and equal worth within the team. They did their school proud and we are looking forward to seeing the positive changes they will bring to our school.