The 7th Dulwich Photo Competition Results

The 7th Dulwich Photo Competition

We are very excited to announce that Dulwich International High School Suzhou has had three winners in The 7th Dulwich Photo Competition!

The 7th annual Dulwich College International Photo Competition is our biggest yet and offered the chance to showcase how we all remained connected through our experiences, and how our community spirit shone bright, even in these rather unusual times.

There were slight upgrades to this year’s competition:

There were a total of 3 rounds of competitions (2 categories per round) spanning 6 weeks.

We announced two new theme categories every 2 weeks. The themes this year were:

  • Borderless Creativity
  • One Global Family
  • Through the Window
  • Learning Every Day, Anywhere
  • Sustainable Lifestyle
  • Stay Connected

Participants had the chance to submit in every round and also to win a prize in each round (but were limited to submitting no more than 2 photos per round)

  • Green initiative:  For every 10 entries received, DCI will be planting a tree!

Photographers from our school showed their remarkable photographic talents and skill in capturing some stunning shots.


Mirrored adventure

Leanne Ireland
Dulwich International High School Suzhou
Teachers & Staff

A reflection of an everyday sight in Vietnam - an outdoor barbershop and the busy street beyond


Untitled Photo

思琦 李
Dulwich International High School Suzhou
Year 10



Leo Lyu
Dulwich International High School Suzhou
Year 11

A glass window can stop the spread of viruses, BUT will never be able to stop the power of love.