The Dulwich Festival of Music

The Dulwich Festival of Musi

The Dulwich Festival of Music was held in Dulwich College Singapore on November 16-18 and this was my second time participating in this event. However, instead of singing in the choir, this time, I joined the Jazz Band which was a completely new experience for me. I was a part of the percussion section and played instruments like the tambourine and cowbell. They appear to be very easy to play but actually, there are a lot of different playing techniques and skills required and I learned a lot about the importance of rhythm in performance and composing.

This year, my classmate Leonard G and I were nominated to represent our school in the Dulwich Musician of the Year competition. We both did our very best and feel very honoured to have had the opportunity to perform in front of such a big audience.

In my opinion, the most memorable part of this trip was the final show. After three days of intense rehearsals, we were more than well-prepared. The jazz band played Uptown Funk, Copacabana and Take on Me. The show lasted for one and a half hours and it was very successful. At the end of the show, I felt that all our hard work and long travels were worth it. This has truly been an extraordinary experience for me!