Do you know about a wide spread occupational disease in China?

Nine out of ten workers who die due to the effects of their work environment do so because they have contracted Dust Lung Disease (Pneumoconiosis).  You may not have heard of this disease which causes great pain in the lungs, distortion of the voice and eventually death.

Our charity, which is supported by Love Save Pneumoconiosis (大爱清尘) foundation, aims to provide medical treatment for rural migrants who suffer from pneumoconiosis. Dust Lung Disease is an illness caused by the repeated inhalation of industrial dust particles over an extended period of time. We have joined with the Love Save Pneumoconiosis Foundation because it provides diverse activities to support Pneumoconiosis sufferers, including help such as mental care, educational support, job support and care packages. 

In order to help Pneumoconiosis sufferers have a better quality of life, we must strive to increase public awareness of black lung (a common name for Pneumoconiosis) and how it can be prevented. We divide our work in four parts: treatment and support, promotion, fund raising and policy promotion. Further activities and arrangements will be announced in the DHSZ Charity Work WeChat account (please see at the end of this article).


Why Join Us?

➢ Good application subject, as awareness of dust lung disease is rising.

➢ Practice leadership & team working with others.

➢ Broaden your horizons for social concerns and act as a public spirited individual who makes a difference (very eye-catching in your application letter!).

➢ Build up scientific knowledge as well as empathy and care for other people.


Our Activities Plan

➢ Establish the organization, select President, Vice President, Minister of Organization, Publicity Minister, and a number of Love Ambassadors.

➢ Organize "Love save pneumoconiosis" riding and hiking trips, send a proposal to whole school, determine the time, route, and print unified T-shirts. This will be organized every 6 month.

➢ At the end of the event, hold fund raising live performances and establish division of labor and a code of conduct.

➢ Apply for "lungs and love" WeChat official account, promote the knowledge of pneumoconiosis, call on the attention of more people. Use spare time, organize students to hand out leaflets in public places, participate in presentation performances.

➢ Co-ordinate the “love saving pneumoconiosis" foundation, support the families of Pneumoconiosis sufferers and their children's education.

➢ If possible, invite TV or newspapers and other media to carry our message and bring it to a wider audience.

➢ Invite “love save pneumoconiosis” experts lecture at our school.

➢ Organize summer trips, lead the students to visit pneumoconiosis patient’s families and take good care of them.

➢ As our slogan says, try the best we can to lend the weak a hand. We are more than welcome for you to join us.


How to Join Us

We are more than welcome for you to join us.

Please scan the QR code to follow our official account:

Trying the Best we can to Lend a Helping Hand...
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