University and College Acceptances for the Graduating Class of 2017/18

University and College Acceptances for the Graduating Class of 2017/18

(As of 31 March, 2018)

As more offers continue to come in for our graduating class of 2017/18, we are proud to share the continuing success stories of our students (before 31 March, 2018).

There are 100 students in this year’s graduating class and this impressive group of students currently have 335 offers from the world’s leading universities including 161 offers from top UK universities, 110 offers from the US, 43 from Canada, 16 from Australia, 1 from Hong Kong, 1 from Japan, 1 from Switzerland and 2 from Ireland.

Our success with UK universities is highlighted by the fact that two of our students have been accepted into the University of Oxford and one into theUniversity of Cambridge. We are also proud to say that 82% of our students who applied to the UK now have an offer from a top 20 UK university. We also have 2 students, 1 of whom has been accepted into Dentistry and 1 who has been accepted into Veterinary Science, both extremely difficult courses to get into in the UK. In addition, the rest of the G5 super elite universities (leading top 5 institutes in the UK) have given our students offers as well, in particular, six of our students have received offers from University College London, and three students have received offers from Imperial College London and one student has received an offer from London School of Economics and Political Science.

Top UK Universities

Some majors are very popular and are more difficult than G5 universities to get into. In particular, the UK's undergraduate programs (Medical Medicine, Dentistry, and Veterinary) are among the most challenging to apply for in the UK.Once an undergraduate obtains a UK medical license the doors open to a more stable income curve, a higher social status and a better quality of life. As a result of the huge influx of applicants, the British government has been locking in the number of dentists in the country, restricting the allocation of international students. Therefore, we are very excited to share with you that two of our students have been accepted into dental school and veterinary school through outstanding academic performance and experience.  

Universities Offers
University of Oxford 2
University of Cambridge 1
Imperial College London 3
The London School of  Economics and Political Science 1
University College London 6
The University of Edinburgh 7
The University of Manchester 9
King's College London 3

University of Bristol

University of Glasgow 4
The University of Warwick 10
Durham University 10
The University of Sheffield 3

We are also pleased to announce that currently, 93% of students who have received an offer from the US have an offer from a top 100 US university. Almost 1/3 of students who applied to the US have an offer from a top 30 university. Around 60% of students who applied to the US have an offer from a top 50 university.

Top Americian Universities

It is worth noting that this year universities in California have reached their lowest admission rate. For example, the admission rates of University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) and University of California-San Diego (UCSD) are both as low as5%, which is even lower than some Ivy League universities. University of Southern California (USC) had a record breaking low admission rate, which is 13%. However, our students have stood out from the crowd and received 14 offers from Californian colleges. In particular, UCLA has given two offers, UC-Berkeley has given one offer, UC-Santa Cruz has given five offers, UC-San Diego has given four offers, and USC has given two offers to our students.

Some of the US Universities are:

Universities Offers
University of California, Los  Angeles 2
University of California,  Berkeley 1
Rice University 1
University of California, San  Diego 4
University of Wisconsin,  Madison 2
University of California,  Davis 5
University of North Carolina,  Chapel Hill 1
University of Southern  California 2

Boston University

University of California,  Irvine 3
University of Florida 2
University of Rochester 1
University of Miami 3
University of Washington 2
University of Minnesota 1
Ohio State University 3
Pennsylvania State University 2
Michigan State University 2
University of Massachusetts,  Amherst 7
Rhode Island School of Design 1


Canadian Universities

Offers also continue to come in from Canada with 57% of students who applied gaining an offer from a world top 50 university. 74% of students who applied gained an offer from a top 20 Canadian university. Offers from Canada now include:

Universities Offers
University of Toronto 6
University of British  Columbia 2
McGill University 9
University of Alberta 4
University of Ottawa 1
University of Waterloo 1
Western University 2
Dalhousie University 1

Queen's University

Simon Fraser University 1
University of Victoria 4


Top UK Universities

Australia has also proven to be a successful option for our students. 6 students applied with 16 offers being made. 100% of those offers are in the top 100 universities in the world and 100% of the offers are from the top 6 universities in Australia including:

Universities Offers
The University of Melbourne 4
Australian National  University 1
The University of Queensland 3
Monash University 3
UNSW Australia 1

We also have 1 student who has been accepted into the highly competitive University of Hong Kong.

Since the data above was collected before 31 March 2018, we look forward to sharing more of our success with you as most of the offers come in from the US during April.

N.B – all data for this article is taken from the Times Higher Education ranking list 2018 and US News Ranking 2018.